Poem: Tempest


gone hath these prosperous winds of late,
reconciled by grieving storms oft veiled
with radiant bursts of His vengeance.
tribulate in silence as screams ‘not
be heard over thy heavenly roar.
thou savor-ed rebirthed sky, haught and pure;
though twas formed in the slaughter of
desolate, damaged, dreary air.
Forgive it not, thy divine chaos,
for thine order has come to rest on Men.
Imprison ye in craft and hallow,
in blood and wine to drink and fight!
Thus courageous men shall lay to die,
upon the stones of holy shrine…
cast abound by venerate priests,
whom guilded men doth trust in teach.
These guilded men are led to ground,
thy principals only in lead are bound.
Oh heavenly cycle, thou come again,
to take the lives of shadowed men.

©2012 Matthew Walker. All Rights Reserved.